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  • What is the minimum age to start Dragon Fire Taekwondo?
    We typically recommend at least 5 years of age. Of course depending on attention span we have had children do fine starting at the age of 4. We've found that sometimes (not all the time) it can help the child if a parent or older sibling attends class with them, which is why we have put together family discounts for that reason, to make it even more affordable for all to learn the art of Taekwondo.
  • Does it give my child an advantage to start Taekwondo at a very young age?
    While the skills of the martial arts are excellent tools to help grow and prosper with there is no evidence that any child starting at a very young age has any advantage over a child starting at a little older age. We've found that at a very young age such as 2-5 years old, they are working on basic movement fundamentals whereas around the age of 4 or 5 they are mentally more understanding on how to apply the movements in Taekwondo.
  • What days and how often are classes offered?
    Currently classes are offered on Monday or Wednesday evenings from 6-7pm and 6-8pm (depending on age).
  • Do you have separate classes for Children & Adults?
    No. Well not technically. However we do typically combine training with children and adults together, they also get their fair share of training adults with adults and kids with kids. We found this method to be very beneficial to everyone's training. The children learn to not be scared or afraid of adults and more confident of the techniques they are taught to protect themselves. The adults learn to be more gentle when needed and learn so much better technique when they are less focused on dominating an opponent.
  • Do you teach cage fighting or MMA?
    We do not. We teach the art of traditional Taekwondo. It is a great form of self defense and has been proven practical when needed. Students do learn bits of other martial arts techniques as well as weapons combined into their training, however a majority of their training will be Taekwondo.
  • Do you do contact sparring?
    No/Yes. At beginner levels to intermediate levels, no. As a student progresses in rank and their control becomes more apparent, they will eventually work into very light contact (with gear of course). However, this comes down the road with rank and obvious control. Of course when they reach the rank to do light contact, children are paired with children and adult with adults.
  • Are there any hidden fees, long contracts or obligations?
    No. There are absolutely no hidden fees. Your monthly fee is all you need to train with us. We do not believe in long contracts or binding you into anything you do not enjoy. As a student progresses there will be "testing fees". These will allow a student to be tested by a Black Belt board to see if their acquired skills are at the level to progress onto even more skills. At a higher rank, students will be encouraged to get their own sparring gear (if they cannot, they can borrow what the dojo may have on hand). However, even though they are cleaned and disinfected, students tend to prefer wearing their own sweaty gear lol.
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